Many years ago, a skilled programmer wrote a Window script for me that works on any Windows based computer. It's a nifty little tool for storing any sort of password (bank account login, credit cards, username and password to websites, phone numbers etc.)

I have used it almost every single day for years and so has my wife. It has worked faultlessly and is totally safe. It's also simple to use.

For several years, I sold The Password Master at $21.95 each. Today, I am giving it away because other tools have come on the market that function on mobile platforms.

The Password Master is 100% autonomous. It sits on your own hard disk and requires no connection to the internet.


So, go ahead, feel free to download it yourself. Make full use of it. Give it away to your friends if you want!

  1. Download the standard Password Master using the 'Download' button below.
  2. Read the 'READ ME' file and see how easy it is to use. Open it and give it a trial run - it's very intuitive.